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FortiFi offers 100%, no-money-down, non-credit based financing for the property improvement projects on your wish list

Energy-Efficient Projects

Enjoy year-round savings, comfort, and peace of mind — all while maximizing energy efficiency.

Hundreds of projects qualify, including solar, HVAC, windows and doors, insulation, LED lighting, plumbing, roofing and more.

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Storm-Protection Projects

Prepare for Mother Nature’s whims by protecting the property and the people you care about.

From impact windows and doors to hurricane shutters and storm-resistant roofs — play it safe with smart financing.


How Funding Works

FortiFi offers a competitive, fixed-rate financing solution with flexible repayment terms — no upfront costs or FICO score required

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Why Choose FortiFi

FortiFi removes the headaches and barriers to financing a wide variety of residential and commercial property improvement projects

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FortiFi for Contractors

Grow your business and delight your customers with smart financing and easy-to-use tools that enable fast in-home approvals

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"I’m very happy with FortiFi. Financing was fast and easy. I love my solar panels and Tesla batteries. Thanks, FortiFi!"

Joseph, Studio City, California