Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What does FortiFi do?
A. FortiFi is a PACE program administrator that works with your local government to provide financing for energy and water savings home improvements.
Q. What is PACE financing?
A. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is a simple and effective method for financing renewable energy, energy efficiency, water efficiency, seismic improvements, and electric vehicle charging stations for commercial and residential buildings. Property owners enter into a voluntary assessment to receive 100% project financing which is repaid as part of their property taxes for up to 30 years.
Q. What types of projects or improvements can FortiFi finance?
A. Water and energy efficiency, renewable energy, seismic retrofit, and electric vehicle charging station projects are eligible for FortiFi financing. PACE program guidelines & Improvements vary by State, County, and Municipality.
Q. What happens if I sell my property?
A. FortiFi financing may either be paid off before resale of the property or transfer to new property owner. Consult your real estate professional for more information.
Q. Is it free to apply for FortiFi financing?
A. Yes! Scroll to the bottom of this page or click on the 'Get Started' button in the upper right to begin the application process.
Q. How is FortiFi financing repaid?
A. FortiFi financing appears as a line item on and is paid back through the property’s tax bill.
Q. Are there any up front costs?
A. No. FortiFi finances 100% of project costs, with $0 down.
Q. What is the financing rate?
A. Rates are offered on a competitive basis and vary based on selected term, market conditions and products financed.
Q. Is my Property Eligible?
A. In order for your property to be eligible it must:
  • Be located in and pay property taxes to a participating jurisdiction.
  • Not be an asset in a current bankruptcy proceeding.
  • Not have any involuntary Liens with a balance greater than one thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).
  • PACE program guidelines & Improvements vary by State, County, and Municipality
Q. Am I eligible?
A. In order to be eligible for financing you must:
  • Be the property owner of Record.
  • Not have a Mortgage secured by the subject property for less than 90 days.
  • Have at least 10% equity in your property at the time of application.
Q. Is eligibility based on my credit score?
A. No, it is based on the equity in your property.
Q. Are there tax benefits associated with this program?
A. The interest paid on FortiFi financing may be tax deductible. Please consult a tax professional.
Q. Can FortiFi’s financing be combined with tax credit and rebate programs?
A. Yes. Using FortiFi financing does not impact other rebates or incentives in any way. All incentives for which the project qualifies will be deducted from the assessment before the project is financed.
Q. How much can I finance?
A. Any amount from $5,000 up to $200,000, subject to the following limits:
  • The Assessment cannot exceed 15% of the Fair Market Value of the Property.
  • The Assessment plus all debt secured by the property cannot exceed 97% of the Fair Market Value of the Property.
  • The Annual Assessment Payment plus this years property tax payment cannot exceed 5% of the Fair Market Value of the Property.
  • The Annual Assessment Payment cannot exceed 5% of your household Income.
  • The Annual Assessment payment plus your Annual Mortgage obligations cannot exceed 45% of your household Income.
Q. May I choose my own contractor?
A. FortiFi screens, registers, and trains the contractors that offer our financing. If you have a contractor that you would like to work with, please ask them to visit our How it Works page for more information.
Q. How does FortiFi screen its contractors?
A. In order to participate in the FortiFi program, contractors must:
  • Have a valid license with the California State Licensing Board
  • Submit to a background check
  • Maintain an audit-able database of customer transactions
  • Have been in business for at least 2 years
  • Meet certain financial requirements
  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Sign and adhere to FortiFi’s code of ethics
Q. I am a contractor. How can I start offering FortiFi’s financing to my clients?
A. Please visit our How it Works page to learn more about becoming a registered FortiFi contractor.
Q. Do I have to use a contractor to make these improvements?
A. Yes. In order to use FortiFi financing, all improvements must be made and/or installed by a contractor registered with FortiFi.

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